We Could Be Parents

Drama | 15 mins | Swedish (Sweden) | 2016

Directed by: Björn Elgerd and David Färdmar | Written by: Björn Elgerd
Starring: Björn Elgerd

We Could Be Parents SS

Marley left Erik when he found out he was selling himself for sex. Now, Erik’s last chance to get Marley back is to make this film explaining why; so that they could afford to become parents one day.

Why you should watch it:

  • One long shot
  • Style
  • Social commentary

A little more insight…

I had no doubt about the quality of We Could Be Parents; David Färdmar has been involved with many of my favourite shorts from Boys On Film history, including My Name Is Love and A Last Farewell.

What worked for me was the single shot. It gave weight to what was being said, to the performance. If you’re making a film for someone then you would sit there and pour your heart out. It’s beautifully delivered; subtle, yet believable.

That being said, I have an issue with him selling himself on camera. It made me a little irate. Why would you do that? I get that you want to show that you’re doing this for him (in a messed up way) but… argh.

What I liked was the issue of gay parenting. Having working within a law firm that specialised in this area it is something I have knowledge and awareness of. Sperm donation, egg donation and surrogacy are not simple. They are costly if you want to do it right – do everything legally, don’t risk court cases!

Erik also said that people are commodities. Surrogacy and donation are akin to selling sex. It’s an interesting point to raise. The whole area is contentious with people on both sides.

Ultimately that’s what makes this film great; it gets you thinking about such things (as do the other films that David has been involved with, which is something I enjoy). Without taking in what is being said then it would just be a short film about an individual who thinks that filming himself giving a blowjob and having a solo disco is the way to get an ex back… which I seriously hope isn’t what you take away from it.

On a side-note it was interesting to see a drone utilised in such an intimate manner; it isn’t used simply to film, it is integral to the narrative, it is a tool for the character. I certainly haven’t seen it used in this way.

Things that bugged me:

  • The fact that Erik felt the need to record the act; not a critique as such, but I had to write something…

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