Drama | 9 mins | English (UK) | 2015

Written & Directed by: Christopher Manning
Starring: Sebastian Christophers and Raphael Verrion et al.

Jamie SS

Shy, quiet Jamie, spends a revealing afternoon with Ben after meeting on a dating app. As they chat, Jamie finds himself opening up and letting loose his hopes and fears in an unexpected awakening.

Why you should watch it:

  • Relatable story
  • Believable performances

A little more insight…

Jamie hooked me; not with sex or drama (that isn’t here) but with a story and setting that could’ve been taken from my own life – the setting, story and dialogue.


As it starts, it is clear that Jamie wants to escape a family gathering and, as many do, he agrees to meet someone through Grindr; which suggests that he’s looking to hook-up. However when he does meet Ben, all they do is walk around London and talk. Yes, just talk!

Sex doesn’t have to be the driving factor in our lives, or our encounters with other people. We all have feelings and emotions. There’s nothing wrong with sharing those and just talking. That’s what made it relatable to me – I’ve met guys just to walk and talk before.

What especially hit home for me was the brief quip about flakey guys – something I’ve moaned about for years now!

Just because there isn’t sex or drama, doesn’t mean that it is void of emotion. There is pain. There are tears. There is a kiss. There are many Jamies out there struggling with confidence and feeling isolated, but there’s also hope.

Things that bugged me:

  • The wobbly cam at the start

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