Trouser Bar

Fantasy | 20 mins | English (UK) | 2016

Directed by: Kristen Bjorn | Written by: A Gentleman
Starring: Ashley Ryder, Denholm Spurr, Florian Klein, Craig Daniel and Zac Renfree

Trouser Bar SS

Set in a London gentleman’s outfitters in 1976, and taking inspiration from the emotions aroused by a fetishist love of corduroy, leather and tight trousers, two men enter Sir John’s Trouser Bar but little do they know the sexual adventures that awaits them inside.

Why you should watch it:

  • The 1970’s score
  • The ridiculousness
  • The controversy
  • The eroticism

A little more insight…

Well… what can I say about Trouser Bar?

I first heard of it through Denholm Spurr (who stars) and then had a little interaction with associated Twitter accounts, but I still had absolutely no idea what awaited me.

I then did a search to discover controversy as to who it’s attributed to, who it draws inspiration from and so forth. All of this for a short film; crazy!

So let’s just forget about everything that has been written about it and all that is deemed controversial because unless you read into that you’ll have no idea – you are just a viewer after all.

I really don’t know what to say. Did I enjoy it? Certainly. Was it something I’d normally watch? No. Like, how do you stumble upon such erotic fantasy – is this what soft porn is like?

All I know is that I was thoroughly entertained. It was 70’s, cheesy and ridiculous. There were moments that made me gasp (the hard cock and horse noises – hung like a horse?) and moments that made me exhale in laughter (the growing crowd outside – Julian Cary and Nigel Harvers included).

It was certainly an escape into a different world and the fact that I’m still smiling from it all certainly says something about how it’s lifted my mood.

I also liked the nod to Peccadillo Pictures with ‘The Black Cat’ card!

Things that bugged me:

  • Those wigs though…

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