Drama | 11mins | English (UK) | 2016

Written & Directed by: Jake Graf
Starring: Harry Rundle & Nicole Gibson

Dawn SS

Two outcasts meet in the darkness more afraid of themselves than each other. As the veil of night is lifted the pair search the cold light of day for hope, as it takes more than just eyes to look inside the soul.

Why you should watch it:

  • The simplicity
  • The dialogue
  • The message

A little more insight…

Dawn is beautifully simple and once again reminds me of my own work within film-making and screenwriting, so there was an immediate connection with the writing and direction – it’s something I’d make.

By making Will blind and having the message of the short be that it’s what’s inside that counts, the pressure to write and deliver impeccable dialogue is increased yet Dawn succeeds. Just enough is said to reveal enough to the audience and to the characters, just enough is said to move their relationship forward and just enough is said to create emotion.

What I also liked is how the audience’s view of Dawn is restricted for much of the short, be it by the darkness, her hair or by being out of focus. This puts the viewer in a similar position to Will, who tells us that he can only see colour and shape. That not only creates intrigue but also visually represents the growing bond between them as see more, learn more and the characters begin to interact.

I must admit that at one point I convinced myself that who I thought Dawn was wasn’t right and that we were going to verge into the supernatural – the way that she spat out the beer (vampires can only drink blood) and then being hurt by his touch. Thankfully that was soon dispelled with a flashback and then my original thought was confirmed at the end.

But it truly is the dialogue that stands out, especially when she mentions that she may be the most beautiful girl in the world and then later on goes to tell Will her ‘secret’ only to be cut off – to him she is the most beautiful girl in the world because he can see within.


Things that bugged me:

  • How fast the sun rose

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