Barrio Boy (BOF14)

Drama | 8mins | English (USA) | 2014
 Barrio Boy SS
“It’s a hot and sweaty summer afternoon in a macho Brooklyn hood and while cutting the hair of a handsome Irish stranger a Latino barber secretly falls in love.”

Written & Directed by: Dennis Shinners
Starring: Andrew Flores, Dennis Garcia, Dan Leonard & Peter Olivera

Barrio:  a district of a town in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries; (in the US) the Spanish-speaking quarter of a town or city, especially one with a high poverty level.

Mmm Papi… indeed. Dennis Garcia is beautiful!

Now, back to Barrio Boy. On the surface it is quite light hearted with the cheesy voice over, which at times becomes rather intense, definitely romantic, but always felt a little cheesy. It works though. The poor barber Quique is gay and absolutely cannot come out in that neighborhood. It’s a little sad that he has to have these fleeting dreams whilst cutting men’s hair.

Thinking about it though, cutting hair is very intimate. You’re so close to them. Especially if you’re washing their hair – that head massage! YES!

It’s sad to think that there may be a Quique out there who meets his barrio boy but can do absolutely nothing about it out of fear of judgment (or worse).

It’s also a shame that we never find out if the barrio boy is gay and they never meet again – the cap sniffing was a little too out there though; anyone could have seen!

Things I Liked:
1 - Setting
2 - Situation

Things I Didn't Like:
1 - Fine line between cheesy and romantic

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