Aban and Khorshid (BOF14)

Drama | 13mins | English (USA) | 2014
 Aban and Khorshid SS
“If you only had a few hours left to live, what would you share with the love of your life? Together Aban and Khorshid explore this question during the hours before sentencing for their crime of loving each other”

Written & Directed by: Darwin Serink
Starring: Mojean Aria & Bobby Naderi

Before I begin, take note that Aban and Khorshid is inspired by a true story; a story that is repeated over and over again, across the world, in places where the right to love is not universal and is dictated by outdated and misinterpreted scripture…

Its difficult to find fault with something that intrigued me and ultimately moved me. At the beginning I wasn’t entirely sure what the set-up was, but it soon became clear that Aban and Khorshid were imprisoned in separate cells and talking about their life together; not the romantic weekends away (as if they would have been able to do that) but the everyday stuff such as Aban always eating. It’s real. It’s believable. You truly feel that these two people are supposed to be together.

Khorshid has a picture at the beginning which he eventually passes to Aban and, though I didn’t totally get it, it appeared to be a reassuring and romantic gesture – amongst the darkness, the two of them will always be a small light burning bright. I don’t want to overthink it, but that’s what it appears to be to me.

It was the ending that really got me though. It was not violent nor was it graphic, yet it was disturbing. It’s not that I am oblivious to the persecution the LGBT+ community face worldwide, I’m not, but it was the way that the short led up to it that made powerful.

I will admit that when they try to hold hands, I did shed a tear and in my eyes, a film that makes me feel something or think about something is worthy of my time and recommendation.

Things I Liked:
1 – Pacing
2 – Structure
3 – Depiction of a hanging
4 – Respect for the subject

Things I Didn’t Like:
1 – Ambiguity with the picture


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