A Last Farewell (BOF13)

Drama | 13mins | Swedish (Eng subs) | 2013
“A look at an aging author’s sorrow over the death of his long-term partner. Haunted by visions of his late husband, and in conflict with his daughter who is trying to renew the ties between them, how will he move on and find peace?”

Written & Directed by: Casper Andreas
Starring: Liv Mjönes, Tomas von Brömssen & Iwar Wiklander

A Last Farewell is one of those shorts which I just want you to watch without reading anything I have to say. I don’t want to impart my thoughts and feelings onto you and affect the impact it has because for me, well, it brought tears to my eyes. If I had reviewed this a year or two ago, tears would be commonplace but it’s been a while since something has moved me to that point. There is a beautiful effortlessness to it all. Everything is in harmony, from the honest and moving performances through to the camera shots and dialogue. What I most like about it however, is the unique plot point; assisted suicide. It’s something that regularly appears in the media but an issue which I’ve not seen addressed on film, let alone a short LGBT film. So, taking everything into consideration, it’s really difficult for me to find a fault with something that opened my eyes and stirred some emotion deep inside.

Things I Liked:
1 - The subject matter
2 - The performances
3 - The score
4 - The camera shots
5 - The dialogue

Things I Didn't Like:
1 - It wasn't sad enough to make me breakdown in tears...

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