Vis à Vis (BOF13)

Comedy | 13mins | English (AUS/UK) | 2013
 Vis a Vis SS
“When a government official comes to inspect Richard and Martin’s relationship for visa approval, it is clear that all is not as it seems.”

Written & Directed by: Dan Connolly
Starring: David HarrisonDan ConnollyAmy Lehpamer & Belinda Misevski

Vis á Vis is a cohesive comedy with a frank message running through it; sometimes you just have to let go. That’s not saying that it’s easy and some people go to great lengths to fight for something… cue this short with; Ricky Martin, Wikipedia never lies and a quick thinking Martin claiming that he likes to wear lace knickers. The tone, the atmosphere and the dialogue work well together to build up the awkwardness, sincerity and tension between the threesome. Then boom – it suddenly shifts gear and becomes more heartwarming and the message is clear. I guess time is a healer, though one week?

Things I Liked:
1 - The jokes
2 - The dynamic between the characters
3 - The message

Things I Didn't Like:
1 - A lot happened in a week, right?

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