Surprise (BOF13)

Drama | 10mins | English (USA) | 2015

“After misbehaving at school it’s time for young Jack to confess to his mother, but the solution to his “problem” is not like anything he could have imagined.”

Directed by: Leslie Bumgarner
Written by: Trillby Beresford

Starring: Tess Harper & Austin Fryberger

Surprise is, well, a surprise. It’s well paced and though you can sense the distance between the mother and son (due to the absence of the father), you also get a sense that before hormones and puberty, he was a mummy’s boy. For whatever reason, I did not expect the mother to turn around and say that she had “evolved into a more multi-faceted person”. Is that a spoiler? No, this is: “I called your girlfriend a c*nt”. That left me open mouthed. Not for the C word, but simply because it was a funny way to end what thankfully was a fresh take on someone coming out in 2015.

Things I Liked:
1 - The fresh take on a coming out story
2 - The lightness
3 - The realness

Things I Didn't Like:
1 - Did I miss the relevance of all the water imagery?

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