Boys on Film – Retrospective

What better way to wrap up a year of reviews than with a retrospective?

So, with a firm belief that short films and LGBT+ cinema are still severely unappreciated, I present to you my ranking of all 12 Boys on Film collections, alongside my favourite film from each.

(Click on the titles for links to their respective review)

#12 – Hard Love

boys on film 1

Stand-out short: Mirror Mirror

#11 – In Too Deep

Stand-out short: Cowboy

#10 – American Boy

Stand-out short: Bugcrush

#9 – Candy Boy

Stand-out short: James

#8 – Pacific Rim

Stand-out short: Love, 100ºC

#7 – Bad Romance

Stand-out short: The New Tenants

#6 – We Are Animals

Stand-out short: Alaska Is A Drag

#5 – Cruel Britannia

Stand-out short: Diana

#4 – Protect Me From What I Want

Stand-out short: My Name Is Love

#3 – X

Stand-out short: Teens Like Phil

#2 – Youth In Trouble

Stand-out short: Together

#1 – Confessions

Stand-out short: Tonight It’s Me


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