Cruise Patrol (BOF12)

Action/Animation | 8mins | English (NL) | 2013



“Take a walk on the wild side and explore what happens on a long and dusty road where a routine cruise patrol takes a strange turn and spirals totally out of control”


Directed by: Bobby de Groot & Arjan van Meerten | Written by: Bobby de Groot


Cruise Patrol is quite possible the most WTF Boys on Film short so far. It’s visually stunning and more than entertaining. It made me smile and chuckle all the way through. The ending was a surprise too… I wondered where the gayness would come into it. Let’s leave it there… just watch it!


Things I Liked:
1 - The originality
2 - The WTFness
3 - The animation style

Things I Didn't Like:
1 - It ended!

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