Little Man (BOF11)

Drama | 24mins | English (UK) | 2012



“Facing thirty, Elliott realises he has jeopardised every relationship that has come his way. The weekend his brother shows up on his doorstep and a bizarre neighbour begins spying on him; Elliott is driven to the edge.”


Directed by: Eldar Rapaport | Written by: Eldar Rapaport & Dalit Ziv
Starring: Daniel Boys, Darren Evans, David Hampstead & Jamie Thompson


Little Boy appears to be a short film about a guy with commitment issues and his stalker. However, upon a second viewing I believe that there is a lot more going on – though this may just be my imagination. My theory is that the stalker is Cupid! With that in mind the short elevates above being just average – it’s score is good, it’s shot well etc, but the cupid theory gives it originality!


Things I Liked:
1 - Score
2 - Cupid theory (does it count if I inferred this?)

Things I Didn't Like:
1 - Cupid theory (he may just be a stalker?)

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