Alaska Is A Drag (BOF11)

Comedy/Drama | 14mins | English (USA) | 2012



“Leo stands out from the crowd; far from ideal when working in a small fish cannery in Alaska. His dreams of leaving appear impossible until a new boy joins and sees Leo for the superstar he was destined to be.”


Written & Directed by: Shaz Bennett
Starring: Martin L. Washington Jr., Spencer Broschard, Barret Lewis, Bernard Addison & Jill Morley


Alaska Is A Drag strikes an almost perfect balance between comedy and drama; it’s interesting from beginning to end. The situation and characters are effortlessly set allowing you to lose yourself in it for a moment. It’s not overly camp yet there’s no denying that it’s fabulous. What I liked most was that the protagonist wasn’t a stereotype and the “love interest” slot was played more as a “best friend” – it was refreshing.


Things I Liked:
1 - Blend of comedy and drama
2 - Non-conformist protagonist
3 - Lack of a love interest

Things I Didn't Like:
1 - Too short

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