We Are Animals (BOF11)

Sci-Fi | 13mins | English (USA) | 2013



“In this alternate historical fable set during the 1980’s AIDS crisis, a closeted young man finds himself in the midst of an anti-government coup and joins in the fight against the strict regime that is being enforced upon them.”


Written & Directed by: Dominic Haxton
Starring: Daniel Landroche, Clint Napier & Drew Droege


Who doesn’t like alternate history? It’s intriguing to think of a what if and roll with it, and We Are Animals does it brilliantly. Within the first couple of minutes the world is set up and questions form in your mind. It sticks to its concept and delivers on every point from the use of inter-cuts, sound and imagery to truly project homosexuals as an animalistic tribe – a metaphor for those who are true to themselves and those who conform. It’s amazing.


Things I Liked:
1 - The alternate history
2 - The world building
3 - The execution of all aspects

Things I Didn't Like:
1 - It ended

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