Colonial Gods (BOF9)

Drama | 29mins | English (+ others) (UK) | 2009



“A complicated relationship between a Somali man and Nigerian man unfolds against the chaos of gentrification and displacement in the small immigrant community in Cardiff, known as Tiger Bay.”


Written and Directed by: Dee Rees
Starring: Cornell John & Said Mohamed


Colonial Gods is almost hard to take in; it’s long and slow paced. It’s trying to say a lot about the UK; gentrification, the suppression of the working classes, inequality, the exploitation of immigrants. It all weaves around the notion of clash of cultures and white supremacy; ‘Colonial Gods’. It’s deep. It does tire along the way and the relationship between the two characters isn’t clear (do they become lovers?), but the emotional ending made it worthwhile.


Things I Liked:
1 - The vast social commentary
2 - The original story
3 - The point of view

Things I Didn't Like:
1 - The pacing
2 - The confusion over relationships/subplots

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