Together (BOF9)

Horror | 22mins | English (UK) | 2013



“One month after moving in together David and Mark come home to find a key in the lock of their front door. They check the house and it all seems clear, until they slowly start to realise that they are not alone…”


Written and Directed by: James Cook
Starring: Lucas Hansen, Ben Owora & Stuart Evans


Together is thrilling and tense. I’m not sure how much more my heart could take. In just 20 minutes it made me fear more than most feature length horrors do. The score. The darkness. The camera angles. Just wow. My heart! I do NOT want to ruin it for you by posting anything close to a spoiler.


Things I Liked:
1 - The score
2 - The use of light/dark
3 - The camera angles
4 - The tension
5 - The fear
6 - The twists
7 - The lingering questions

Things I Didn't Like:
1 - Nothing!

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