Easy Money (BOF9)

Drama | 15mins | Spanish (Spain) | 2010



“When a handsome rent boy shows up at a mysterious client’s hotel room, the boy quickly learns that sex appears to be the last thing on the client’s mind. What appears to be a simple misunderstanding becomes even more complicated after a knock at the door.”


Written and Directed by: Carlos Montero
Starring: Mario Casas, Ales Furundarena & Christian Mulas


Money makes the world go round so who wouldn’t like some Easy Money “Dinero fácil”? So how to make it? You can either fuck or kill. That’s the options presented here. But when a seeming case of mistaken identity mixes the two, a tense situation is created. First the awkwardness and then the fear. I did not see the twist coming and it makes it all the more twisted!


Things I Liked:
1 - The performances
2 - The twist

Things I Didn't Like:
1 - Unsure about the ending

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