What You Looking At? (BOF8)

Comedy | 10mins | English | 2011



“Two very different people in the London borough of Lambeth – a drag queen and a woman in a burka. Only in a lift would they ever cross one another’s path. But these two have more in common than they first thought.”


Written & Directed by: Faryal
Starring: Michael Twaits, Hussina Raja & Rez Kabir


What You Looking At? takes a generally awkward scenario and throws in two people who are at odds but both persecuted in their own ways. Through humour it tackles peoples assumptions and judgements; beneath the surface we are all more than we appear and at times even more alike. Though the dialogue is flat at times, there are some powerful lines and there’s no denying that it’s funny and uplifting.


Things I Liked:
1 - Tackles hard subject matter
2 - Uplifting (despite what may happen after!)
3 - Genuinely funny

Things I Didn't Like:
1 - Flat dialogue

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