Man and Boy (BOF8)

Drama | 19mins | English | 2010



“A man invites a boy into his flat and offers to take pictures of him. To most this would seem suspicious in the extreme, to the few it is an innocent offer of friendship. Which way do you see it?”


Directed by: David Leon & Marcus McSweeney | Written by: David Leon & Rashid Razaq
Starring: Geoff Bell, Calum MacNab, Eddie Marsan & Eddie Webber


Ignore what the premise says; Carson does not offer to take photos. If he did then his motives may have been clearer, but as it is, they are ambiguous and this makes his character all the more disturbing but ultimately misunderstood. Man and Boy is powerful thanks to it’s clever use of flashbacks, heightened score and excellent performances all round.


Things I Liked:
1 - Use of flashbacks
2 - Great use of music
3 - Superb performances

Things I Didn't Like:
1 - Disparity between premise and film
2 - Never truly knowing Carson's past/motives

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