The Chef’s Letter (BOF8)

Drama | 14mins | English | 2008



“In the early morning hours, a chef struggles to write the letter that could overturn his ordered life. Entering his kitchen, he struggles to make a beeline for his sous-chef.”


Written & Directed by: Sybil Mair
Starring: Layke Anderson, Ray Fearon, Jonathan Firth & Laura Steventon


The Chef’s Letter didn’t live up to what I had expected. The head chef lacked fire and the kitchen lacked heat. It didn’t escalate too much. It was interesting in that it wasn’t immediately clear who exactly he was writing the letter for (even if the synopsis identifies the person) and this played on by the interactions between the other characters but the head chef’s reactions were samey. His motivation and desire wasn’t conveyed. Don’t get me started on the music…


Things I Liked:
1 - Utilisation of the kitchen

Things I Didn't Like:
1 - Confusing music
2 - Lack of tension
3 - Lack of movement
4 - Ambiguous ending

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