Nightswimming (BOF8)

Drama | 14mins | English | 2010



“Runaways Luke and Ellen are caught breaking into a swimming facility as they only want a warm place to sleep. The watchman lets them stay on the proviso that they don’t break anything, and so begins an emotionally charged situation between the trio.”


Written & Directed by: Dominic Leclerc
Starring: Harry Eden, Linzey Cocker & Tim Dantay


Under the surface of Nightswimming’s voyeurism and nudity is a story about loneliness. Luke feels lonely because his girlfriend won’t put out, Ellen is lonely because she’s pushing her boyfriend away and Martin is lonely because… well he works nights at an abandoned pool. The use of light and sound creates an eerie atmosphere from the start and shrouds the emotionally tense scenes in darkness. Even the light of the morning cannot erase the events of the night before.


Things I Liked:
1 - Use of light and sound
2 - Great use of location
3 - Build of tension

Things I Didn't Like:
1 - Unsure of Ellen's character motivation

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