I Don’t Care (BOF8)

Drama | 25mins | English | 2010

“In the tumbleweed coastal retirement community of Porthpunnet, Luka cares for his bedridden mother. One day he meets Dan, a young man who lives in a camper van and shares his interest in art. Initially he sees Dan as a kindred spirit until Dan proves to be gay.”

Directed by: Harry Wootliff | Written by: Pete Jordi Wood
Starring: Iwan Rheon, Di Botcher, Paloma Faith, Helen Grady & David Leon

I Don’t Care is a tale of wonder and what ifs. Luka has dreams of escaping reality (as shown in his art) but he is led astray and finds that his prince is also the villain. It features great performances all round and the cinematography builds upon the emotion and action. Bookended by poetic monologues and wondrous melodies, it’s almost like a mini modern fairy-tale in which Luka almost finds and loses himself at the same time.

Things I Liked:
1 - Opening/closing monologues
2 - Use of wondrous melodies
3 - Performances

Things I Didn't Like:
1 - Pacing

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