The Traitor (BOF7)

Drama | 19mins | Hebrew (Eng Subs) | 2009



“Tomer and Shmulik are a couple. One evening, during a casual supper, one of them announces he wants to break up. Pain takes over their intimacy and the night takes an unexpected turn.”


Directed by: Tomer Velkoff | Written by: Olga Sitovotsky
Starring: Shmulik Goldstein & Tomer Velkoff


The Traitor (or Haboged) is intimate in its close-up camera angles, real with its grainy film and shocking in its events. It could almost be a home film or an excerpt from a documentary and this makes the climax all the more disturbing; you feel like you’re there. It is focused, refined and well executed of the extremes of a relationship ending.



Things I Liked:
1 - Cinematography style
2 - Naturalistic acting
3 - Disturbing yet effective climax

Things I Didn't Like:
1 - Use of storm tropes

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