Communication (BOF7)

Drama | 19mins | English (New Zealand) | 2010



“Young Jacob is alone and adrift, struggling with a religion that doesn’t accept him, a sexual awakening that disturbs him, and haunted by memories of time spent with a teacher – Andrew – a much older man that may have held the key to his happiness.”


Directed by: Christopher Banks | Written by: Christopher Banks & David Blakey
Starring: Rudi Vodanovich, Alexander Campbell & Richard Lambeth


Communication wasn’t so effective at communicating its premise but it wasn’t all that bad. Yes, it made me confused. Yes, it made me uncomfortable. Yes, I know that there are relationships with age gaps but Andrew is just a pervert! To its defence however, he wasn’t predatory and genuinely seemed like a lonely individual but it seemed more about this than Jacob struggling with his sexuality and that’s why it didn’t work for me. It felt conflicted.



Things I Liked:
1 - Attempt at confronting prejudice in Judaism

Things I Didn't Like:
1 - Misaligned premise and end result

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