Watch Over Me (BOF7)

Drama/Fantasy | 14mins | Hebrew (Eng SUBS) | 2010

“On completing his training in a secret elite army unit, Eltan is taken out by mates from the unit to celebrate. During a night of drinking in Tel Aviv he learns things about the unit and about himself that shake his world to its core.”

Written and Directed by: Michael Rozanov
Starring: Guy Kapulnik, Zvika Forman, Davidi Hoffman, Omri Tessler & Raz Weiner

Watch Over Me was surprising. When your budget doesn’t stretch far and the capabilities of your actors don’t fill the void, there could be trouble. However there was enough suspense and intrigue to keep it moving forward. What sets this apart though is its social commentary in regards to Arab/Israeli tension and homophobia within that; though as an outsider I may see this differently. Generally however they made the most of what they had and crafted an intriguing short.

Things I Liked:
1 - Social commentary
2 - Interesting premise
3 - Use of sound

Things I Didn't Like:
1 - Poor acting
2 - Unanswered questions

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