Curious Things (BOF7)

Drama | 10mins | English (USA) | 2010




“Jared is closeted. Sam is straight. They find a connection in each other that neither man has had before, but where do they go from there?”


Directed by: Alan Hain | Written by: Jason Mills
Starring: Danny Bernardy, Matthew Wilkas & Rebecca Pappa


Curious Things is a curious little short. Drawing together multiple tales of falling in love with a straight guy and/or a straight guy reciprocating to some extent, it relies on voice over to add meaning to the visual dramatisation. It adds weight to the truth behind the story. There are elements within which we all can probably relate to; mainly the confusion and feeling of being used. It may not be ground breaking but it’s reassuring to know that there are head f*cks all around the world and that we’re rarely alone in our experiences.



Things I Liked:
1 - The single use of dialogue at a turning point
2 - The style mirroring the truth

Things I Didn't Like:
1 - The feeling of having seen it before

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