Cake And Sand (BOF7)

Drama | 15mins | German (Eng SUBS) | 2010




“Tim and Julian are deeply in love, but can’t find happiness between the sheets. When you can’t sexually satisfy the person you love, is this enough of a reason to quit a relationship?”


Written and Directed by: Christoph Scheerman
Starring: Jan Andreesen & Bartholomew Sammut


Cake and Sand (or Tortem In Sand) shows us the final moments of a relationship; when the realisation has hit and enough is enough. It doesn’t do this through melodrama or third party, but achieves it through the use of sound and lighting. It is clear what the state of the relationship is without either one explicitly saying and the use of sound and lighting reflects the temporal and relationship changes. This may at times fall into trope territory but for a short that’s allowed. It’s refreshing and, though it’s not exciting, real.


Things I Liked:
1 - Use of light and sound
2 - Realism of the breakdown

Things I Didn't Like:
1 - Storm/rain trope
2 - Sad ending

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