The Iron Giant: REVIEWED

Genre: Family/Animation    Run. Time:  86mins    Language: English     Year: 1999
Directed by: Brad Bird
Written by: Tim McCanlies & Brad Bird
Jennifer Aniston as Annie Hughes
Harry Connick Jr. as Dean McCoppin
Vin Diesel as  The Iron Giant
James Gammon as Foreman Marv Loach/Floyd Turbeaux
Eli Marienthal as Hogarth Hughes


“A boy makes friends with an innocent alien giant robot that a paranoid government agent wants to destroy.”

… in 1 word:

… in 10 words:
It belongs up there with the classics; why isn’t it?.

… in 100 words:
The Iron Giant is one of the few animated films that brings a tear to my eye. The relationship between Hogarth and the Iron Giant is so well developed that it’s hard not to be moved by the ending. Beyond that it is also beautifully animated, provides and uses its location and historical setting well and the voice acting isn’t too bad either; I for one had no idea that Vin Diesel was the Iron Giant… though he doesn’t actually say much and it’s been digitally manipulated. Forget your magic and fairy princesses. All I need is a metal man.

Now go and watch it…

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