The Greyness of Autumn: REVIEWED

Genre: Comedy/Drama     Run. Time: 14mins     Language: English     Year: 2012
Directed by: Chris Quick
Written by: Andy S. McEwan and Chris Quick
Duncan Airlie James as Danny McGuire
Chris Quik as Nelson
Andy S. McEwan as Office Worker
Steven Patrick as Mr Jenkins
Amy E. Watson as Katie
Andrew O’Donnell as Jimmy Guiness
Tom Moriarty as Posh Gentlemen
David R. Montgomery as Restaurant Manager
Neil Francis as Barry
Dave Cullen-Wills as The Mugger
Euan Cuthbertson as The Interviewer
David Marshall as Kyle
Submitted for various festivals. Winner of ‘British Film of the Month April 2013’ (British Filmmakers Alliance)

The Greyness of Autumn Poster Tx

“The Greyness of Autumn follows the final days of the life of Danny McGuire, an ostrich living in Scotland. Danny’s life is suddenly turned upside down when he loses his job and his girlfriend in the same day. As Danny struggles to reinvent himself in a society that treat him as a second class citizen, he questions whether there is much point living in a world that will never see past the feathers.”

… in 1 word:

… in 10 words:
Being unapologetically Scottish gives this short its charm and humour.

… in 100 words:
This certainly isn’t a big budget Hollywood blockbuster. If it were then I am sure that CGI motion capture would be used and it would be relocated to New York where Danny would be a Bald Eagle or something. But you know what, screw America, because The Greyness of Autumn is what it is and it is enjoyable for being that. The writers have used what they know and who they are to create a short that does feel Scottish (though to the world this may be lost). It is those little quirks which made me smile… until the end.

Now go and watch it…

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