Go Go Reject: REVIEWED

Genre: Comedy     Run. Time: 20mins     Language: English     Year: 2010
Directed by: Michael J. Saul
Written by: Heath Daniels
Heath Daniels as Daniel
Matthew Bridges as Matthew
Michael Estime as Tanner
Korken Alexander as Cesar
Drew Droege as Anthony Mojo
Iva Turner as Becky
Available as part of the Boys on Film 5 collection

go go rejectbof5cover

“Daniel yearns to fulfil his childhood dream of becoming the Jennifer Beals of male go-go dancing. Undaunted by peer-pressure to get muscular, Daniel turns his small frame into a huge success.”

… in 1 word:

… in 10 words:
Go Go Reject is camp, fun, fabulous and utterly entertaining.

… in 100 words:
I didn’t really know what a ‘go-go dancer’ was util watching this, but now I fully understand and know that I will never be one. What was frustrating was how Daniel was labelled skinny when is is in shape and looks great. Then again, the world of go-go dancing is hyper-sexualised and all about desire and fantasy. Back to Go Go Reject. If you don’t smile, laugh or jig during it then you need to take a look in the mirror. You may not like camp or mainstream gay culture but this is pure entertainment that anyone can enjoy.

Now go and watch it…

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