Genre: Animated Drama     Run. Time: 13mins     Language: French (Eng. Subs)     Year: 2007
Directed by: Pascal-Alex Vincent
Written by: Martin Drouot and Pascal-Alex Vincent
Marie-Christine Darah as La Mère Supérieure (Voice)
Julien Bouanich as Candy Boy (Voice)
Chloé Berthier as Soeur Prudence (Voice)
Aymen Saïdi as Samy (Voice)
Available as part of the Boys on Film 5 collection

candy boybof5cover

“Panic at the orphanage! Children start falling mysteriously ill left right and center. Candy Boy, the most valiant of the orphans, leads the inquiry. From the director of Give Me Your Hand”

… in 1 word:

… in 10 words:
Candy Boy is a visual treat and a beautiful story.

… in 100 words:
If I’m to fault Candy Boy, all I can say is that it’s far too short. Everything feels too compressed, especially the relationship developments, and by the end I just wanted more. That being said, it is an enjoyable short. The animation style is reminiscent of Japanese anime but there is a French charm to it; it works well. The story itself is interesting (if not cut short) and though we only spend a short time with the characters, they appear well crafted. The sex scene is a little WTF but it leads to quite an unexpected yet sad goodbye.

Now go and watch it…

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