Genre: Comedy     Run. Time: 17mins     Language: French (Eng. Subs)     Year: 2003
Directed by: Pascal-Alex Vincent
Written by: Olivier Nicklaus, Paul Raoux and Pascal-Alex Vincent
Julien Gauthier as Eric
Jean Haas as Papy
Gilles Guillain as Mika
Tony Granger as Koko
Chloé Berthier as Julie
Alexis Michalik as Jean-Didier
Sébastien Charles as Le prof de danse
Available as part of the Boys on Film 5 collection.

far westbof5cover

“Eric is forced to spend his holidays in the countryside. Bored out of his mind, an unexpected visit from friends Mika and Koko pulls him out of the doldrums. From the director Give Me Your Hand”

… in 1 word:

… in 10 words:
It may be language or age, but something was missing.

… in 100 words:
Far West is by no standards bad. Underneath the campness and ‘comedy’ is a heart-warming story and underneath that lies a truly sad story; but I won’t go into detail so hopefully you understand what I mean. Everything works together stylistically and visually but there was something about it that didn’t work for me. For a comedy I didn’t really smile or laugh… besides the NSFW shower scene but that smile was for other reasons. Koko and Mika do provide some comic relief but for me it would’ve worked better as a drama. Anyone for a roll in the hay?

Now go and watch it…

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