A Review of… Bræðrabylta (Short)

Bræðrabylta (Short)


Genre: Drama
Running Time: 21 minutes
Director:  Grímur Hákonarson
Writer:  Grímur Hákonarson
Starring: Helga Braga Jónsdóttir, María Guðmundsdóttir, Halldór Gylfason and Björn Ingi Hilmarsson
Year: 2007
Language: Icelandic (with English subtitles)
Miscellaneous: Part of the Boys on Film 4: Protect Me From What I Want collection.



“Denni and Einar both practice the sport of Icelandic wrestling, which allows them to escape their daily routine. Yet little do the wrestling spectators know, the men harbour a secret passion for each other.”


… in 5 words:

Their love could melt ice.


… in 25 words:

Bræðrabylta is beautiful. Everything works in tandem; the setting, the story, the emotion and the acting. It presents a story of true love between men.


… in 50 words:

Love is more than sex and Bræðrabylta depicts this with warmth, truth and sincerity. Calling it beautiful feels like an understatement. Though at times it feels boring and slow, it works, in order to get the viewer feeling how the two men feel. You may need tissues at the end.


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