A Review of… Heiko (Short)

Heiko (Short)


Genre: Drama
Running Time: 13 minutes
Director:  David Bonneville
Writer:  David Bonneville
Starring: Jaime Freitas and José Manuel Mendes
Year: 2009
Language: Portuguese (with English subtitles)
Miscellaneous: Part of the Boys on Film 4: Protect Me From What I Want collection. Finalist for the Iris Prize.



“A carefree young man really puts his foot in it with his obsessive older lover.”


… in 5 words:

Disturbing despite not being graphic.


… in 25 words:

Heiko does what it does well. Eroticism and fetishism certainly are not part of my world and in a way, this short justifies my reasons.


… in 50 words:

What part of you do you think people desire the most? Would you like to find out? What if it’s taken to the extreme? Okay so it’s extreme to say this short puts me off any fetish but it certainly does do disturbing quite well; what if he’s next door?


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