A Review of… Astoria, Queens (Short)

Astoria, Queens (Short)

Running Time: 21 minutes
Director:  Kyle Coker
Writer:  Kyle Coker
Starring: Adrian Amos, Aaron Michael Davies, Lauren Fortgang, James Heffron, Chris Kies, Amanda Moore, Sangeeta Parekh, Thomas Rowen and Hayley Thompson-King
Year: 2009
Language: English
Miscellaneous: Part of the Boys on Film 3: American Boy collection.


astoria, queens

… in 5 words:

Did it have to end?


… in 25 words:

Astoria, Queens is a 21 minute long fun romp. It’s a date I certainly wanted to stay but unfortunately didn’t. It was far too short!


… in 50 words:

It needs a sequel. It needs to be a TV show. It just needs to come back into my life. Does my passion tell you how much I enjoyed it? The characters sucked me into their fun quirky life and now I’m lost without them.  It’s a definite must watch!


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