A Review of… Bramadero (Short)

Bramadero (Short)

Running Time: 21 minutes
Director:  Julián Hernández
Writer: Julián Hernández
Starring: Sergio Almazán and Cristhian Rodríguez
Year: 2007
Language: Spanish (with English translations)
Miscellaneous: Part of the Boys on Film 2: In Too Deep collection. NSFW. Let me repeat, NSFW!




… in 5 words:

Intensely erotic and full on .


… in 25 words:

Instead of words, there are un-simulated sexual acts. They serve their purpose and allow for a captivating story of raw sexual desire to be told.


… in 50 words:

The inclusion of real sexual acts (blow-jobs, rim-jobs and anal sex) may suggest pornography but I support the director/writer’s choice to include them instead of spoken words. What you see is a real and raw depiction of sexual desire and it is this which makes it enjoyable, despite the ending.


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