A Review of… Love Bite (Short)

Love Bite (Short)

Running Time: 3 minutes
Director:  Craig Boreham
Writer: Craig Boreham
Starring: Aidan Calabria and Will Field
Year: 2008
Language: English
Miscellaneous: Part of the Boys on Film 2: In Too Deep collection.


love bite



… in 5 words:

Interesting concept but too short.


… in 25 words:

Love Bite isn’t bad but it feels far too short. It throws us in, delivers the information and ends. If longer, it’d be more satisfying.


… in 50 words:

The short nature of Love Bite makes it hard to know exactly what is about. To me it’s trying to make a statement about homosexuality through vampirism. Things happen without context and too fast for any character or plot development. I’d love to see it explored to its fullest potential.


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