A Review of… Scarred (Short)

Key Information

Title: Scarred (Short)
Running Time: 10 minutes
Director:  Damien Rea
Writer: Gordon Beeferman and Damien Rea
Starring: Chris Anderson, Lara Cazalet, David Durham and Stephen Hill.
Year: 2007
Language: English
Miscellaneous: Part of the Boys on Fim 1: Hard Love collection. NSFW.


Scarred (Short) in 5 words:

Karma gets the closet case.


Scarred (Short) in 25 words:

In 10 minutes, Scarred crams in violence, nudity, a twist and a cliff-hanger. It is a simple short but effectively executed making it rather enjoyable.


Scarred (Short) in 50 words:

I can’t decide whether to describe the story as karma, that being in the closet is dangerous or that gay guys are psychos. It’s hard to explain without ruining the plot so I’ll let you decide. All in all, with the twist, violence, peen-on-screen and cliff hanger, I’d definitely recommened.


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