A Review of… Cowboy Forever (Short)

Key Information

Title: Cowboy Forever (Short)
Running Time: 26 minutes
Director:  Jean Baptiste Erreca
Writer: Jean Baptiste Erreca
Starring: Govinda Machado de Figueiredo and Jones Carlos Fialho de Araújo
Year: 2006
Language: English
Miscellaneous: Part of the Boys on Fim 1: Hard Love collection.


Cowboy Forever (Short) in 5 words:

A sweet tale of friendship.


Cowboy Forever (Short) in 25 words:

Cowboy Forever depicts a beautiful story about love, friendship and exploration between a gay Brazilian and the ‘new guy on the ranch’, despite differing sexualities.


Cowboy Forever (Short) in 50 words:

Based on a true story, Cowboy Forever is beautiful because of its cultural difference and interesting take on the ‘gay in love with his straight friend’ story. At times the pace was a bit slow and at 26 minutes, feels too long but overall, an enjoyable insight into Brazilian culture.


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