A Review of… Le Weekend (Short)

Key Information

Title: Le Weekend (Short)
Running Time: 14 minutes
Director:  Timothy Smith
Writer: Timothy Smith and Nyah Farier
Starring: Omar, Fernando Peres and Val Rassi (voice)
Year: 2007
Language: French (with English subtitles)
Miscellaneous: Part of the Boys on Fim 1: Hard Love collection.


Le Weekend (Short) in 5 words:

A beautiful straight man’s perspective.


Le Weekend (Short) in 25 words:

Everything about Le Weekend screams beautiful to me, especially the cinematography. The style, dialogue and story complimented each other, keeping me captivated till the end.


Le Weekend (Short) in 50 words:

Le Weekend was a surprise. Everything worked together to make me sympathise for the lead rather than dislike him for his deceit. I don’t know if not knowing French and having to read subtitles made it something more than it is, but for me, that added to the captivating essence.


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