A Review of… Gay Zombie (Short)

Key Information

Title: Gay Zombie (Short)
Running Time: 20 minutes
Director:  Michael Simon
Writer: Michael Simon
Starring: Brad Bilanin, Ryan Carlberg, Robert Laughlin, Craig Olsen and Andrew Miller
Year: 2007
Miscellaneous: Part of the Boys on Fim 1: Hard Love collection


Gay Zombie (Short) in 5 words:

Gay Dawn of the Dead!


Gay Zombie (Short) in 25 words:

How can you tell a sexualised zombie story?  Make him gay and throw some humour in… to mixed effect. It was fun but nothing spectacular.


Gay Zombie (Short) in 50 words:

A tale of a gay zombie who just wants to be loved; is this a piece of social commentary? With better than expected make-up effects, some cringey moments and some comic relief from Craig Olsen’s Dwayne, Gay Zombie was enjoyable but for 20 minutes not much happened; not for me.


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