Welcome to my BLOG!

Interested in short films? Identify as LGBT+? This blog may open your eyes as to what cinema can truly offer.

Alternatively you may prefer classics and cult favourites; this blog is for you too!

What you’ll find inside

  • reviews of the short films in the Boys on Film anthologies
  • rankings of film franchises
  • reviews of cult classics
  • review of old films
  • reviews of ‘bad’ films

No film is off limits… though everything is confined by real life; unfortunately I have to work and pay bills etc.

All the posts will be short and succinct, opening your eyes to films you may not even know about or providing you with an insight into my opinions on film and film-making.

So why the short films and lgbt+?

As a gay man and an aspiring screenwriter, these two areas interest me greatly.

Short films are a gateway to a potential career within screenwriting and understanding what works, what doesn’t and trends within the industry is essential to honing my writing ability. Short films are also unduly overlooked by the general public even though they can provide more bang for their buck than most feature length films.

LGBT+ is often fresh, diverse and risk taking. It should be embraced and celebrated by more than just the community itself. And even within the community, few pay attention to it.

See also

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Got a film you want reviewed or have a request? Get in touch with a comment, tweet or email to timothybreach@gmail.com


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